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Symbio Wildlife Park – a great way to spend a bank holiday

I visited the Symbio Wildlife Park today since it was a bank holiday in New South Wales.  I’m not normally a zoo/wildlife park type person but after reading some reviews on tripadviser I became interested in visiting.

The highlight for me was this cute little Alpaca who was hiding in a shed when we walked up.  He slowly walked up and started posing for photos.  Hands down the most adorable thing ever!

Oh hello!

Fancy seeing you here

My second favourite was the peacock – not cute and cuddly like the alpaca but stunning nonetheless.

Loved this adorable albino echidna:

Here are some other creatures from the park:

Kookaburras (excuse the mesh wire)

Tassie Devil

Red Panda

Wedge-tailed Eagle



Marmoset family

On another note, I accidentally put another Asos order through last night.  Been scouring UK ebay for a leather skirt for ages and thought at 60% off as well as another 15% using promo code GOUSA was justification to get it.  I’m a bit nervous because the smallest size is 8 but I read on the Vogue forums that Urban Code leather skirts are a tight fit so keeping my fingers crossed!



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