Turkish Gozlemes

First up let me say I LOVE gozlemes.  I first tried one from a stall at some event in Sydney many many years ago.  More recently the same people have popped up on Victoria Ave at the Chatswood Thursday Night Markets and it’s still as delicious as ever.  It got me thinking the other day that it should be reasonably straight forward to make, as I thought $13 for a bit of dough and sparse filling was a bit expensive.

I’ve tried 2 recipes – one with greek yoghurt and one without.  I like them both for different reasons:

Greek yoghurt

  • much easier to handle and make
  • dough comes out thick
  • because of the thicker dough, I only needed one for dinner

Without greek yoghurt

  • makes much thinner dough (which I personally prefer)
  • because the dough is thinner it’s more prone to ripping/breaking
  • MUCH harder to handle so you really need to be patient
  • I needed to eat 1.5 for dinner

I used a few different ingredients for the filling:

  • beef mince (which I boiled and drained)
  • lemnos feta (not danish)
  • frozen spinach
  • mushrooms sliced really thin
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon wedge to serve

Personally next time I make gozlemes I’ll probably use the recipe without the yoghurt.  I much prefer the thin, crisp dough and the higher filling to dough ratio.  It’s much harder work but worth it.


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