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Shellac review – no more chipped nail polish!!!

I need to confess – I always have chipped nail polish and I’m always too lazy to fix it.  I know it’s not a good look and a pet peeve to many, but having perfect nails aren’t a priority to me.  Then I heard about this miracle nail polish that doesn’t chip for 2 weeks!!  What?  Can’t be true….  Sounded like something I needed to get my hands on asap.

Shellac is a resin secreted by a bug and scraped off trees (thankyou Wikipedia).  It’s typically used as a wood glaze to protect it and make it shiny, hence it’s appropriate application to nails.  Shellac manicures cost about $50 in Sydney.  That’s just stupid.  I’d rather drink $50 worth of coffee…. or vodka.

I bought a starter pack off a group buying website and received the pack 3 months later (longest wait ever).  You’ll need the following:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish
  • Top coat
  • UV lamp
  • Cuticle pusher (I’m not sure what these things are called)
  • Nail scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol or eucalyptus oil
  • Cotton balls

Apologies in advance for the gnarly fingers.  I’m double-jointed and I can’t make my fingers straight no matter how much I try!

What you need for a Shellac manicure

    1. Before you start with the polish, I would push back the cuticles and trim the ‘excess’ with nail scissors.  When I shellac-ed my nails previously I didn’t trim the excess skin so when I used the polish, it deposited against the cuticle skin.  As my nails grew, the solid shellac polish stuck out and made it prone to ripping.  This is really difficult to explain but you’ll understand once you shellac!
    2. Paint one layer of base coat on your nails, then turn on the UV lamp and stick 4 fingers in there for 2 minutes.  Then put both thumbs in for 2 mins, followed by the other 4 fingers for 2 minutes.

      UV lamp

    3. Paint your first layer of nail polish – be careful not to touch your skin with the polish; keep the polish on your nail bed only.  If some polish does get on your skin, scrape it away BEFORE you use the UV lamp.  Once you use the UV lamp it ‘sets’ the nail polish and is impossible to scrape away.  Use the UV lamp in the same way

      One coat

    4. Paint your second layer of polish and UV lamp it

      Two coats

    5. Paint your top coat and UV lamp it again

      Top coat

    6. One thing you’ll notice at this point is the nail polish is actually sticky – you need to soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol or eucalyptus oil and rub it over the nail polish (similar to using nail polish remover).  Once you’ve done this, the nail polish will be nice and shiny

And yes it’s got pretty good staying power!
Day 4:

Day 4

Day 7:

Day 7

Day 9:

Day 9

Day 11:

Day 11 – looks ok from afar

Closeup of chippped polish

Day 13:

Uh oh

I will admit, I peeled the base of the third finger off because it was lifting off anyway, but it’s still chipped in other places 😦

I’ve shellac-ed before and got better staying power last time (almost 3 weeks) so I’m not sure what went wrong this time.  Will have to play around a bit more.

I removed the shellac HERE using a very high-tech method.


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