New laptop – Apple MacBook Air

Now I wouldn’t usually spend money on Apple products (long story, no time for a rant) but since work is giving it to me for free I’m definitely going to take it.  It’s 11 inches and just over 1kg so a lot easier to carry than my old Dell.

I love opening new boxes

Still in its plastic wrap

Now I’m in the market for a laptop bag/sleeve/case.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I’ve been looking at some Built NY stuff:

Air Neoprene Sleeve 11″ in Rain Drop/Fireball

Or maybe something with straps?

Laptop Sling 11-13″ in Summer Bloom/Daffodil

I normally carry a medium Longchamp Le Pliage to work which could easily fit the MacBook Air so maybe all I need is a sleeve?

Do you carry a laptop to/from work?  What’s your laptop carrying solution?


3 thoughts on “New laptop – Apple MacBook Air

  1. I second the Etsy sleeves, my sister bought one and it really is quite sexy. I bought one from Apple, which I think is great and don’t think they sell any more but otherwise you can also check there.

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