Spice racks in apartment living

I have previously posted about shoe storage in apartment living given the limited space available in a typical Sydney apartment.  Now I’m talking about storing spices.  I’ve been searching for a good spice storage solution for a few months.  Initially the bottles of spices sat haphazardly on a shelf in the cupboard which was a pain come dinnertime because every bottle would need to be picked up to read the label and put back if it wasn’t the right spice.  Then we collected a few more crockery items from a friend which needed shelf space and so we sacrificed the spices.  For a while, the spice bottles sat on the benchtop which restricted benchtop space and got moved around constantly.  I’d been looking for some storage solutions and could only find things like this which require a lot of bench space:

After months of searching I finally found some spice racks on brandsexclusive which were the perfect solution – flat against the wall and elevated off the benchtop.



My stovetop area now looks like this:

Organised and clutter-free

And yes – my spices are ordered in alphabetical order.  It just makes sense!


One thought on “Spice racks in apartment living

  1. Oh love those! I am still searching for my perfect spice organisation – in the meantime my spice range just seems to be increasing massively!

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