Garnier BB cream rave review

Apparently BB cream has been around for ages in Asia and is only hitting the western world now.  In theory BB cream is supposed to help with blemishes and have active ingredients that improve skin health, but to me it’s just become glorified tinted moisturiser with no healing qualities.

Garnier recently released a BB cream in Australia, so I grabbed a bottle from Kmart when it was on sale.  To give you a bit of background, I’ve always had problem skin and I used to layer on the foundation in a bid to hide the blemishes.  Recently my skin has gotten better and I switched to tinted moisturiser for everyday use but found it still a tad too sheer for my liking.  Enter BB cream.  It’s pretty much halfway between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation in my opinion.

The left tube is the original BB cream and the right tube is the new oil-free version which I picked up a few days ago.  The original cream is a lot thicker and easier to apply.  It glides on very easily using just fingertips.  It does have a strong scent which I know offends some people but it was fine for me.  Although it did make my face a little greasy at the end of the day on warmer days, it didn’t break me out so I was happy to use it.

Then the oil-free version was released and having oily skin, I had to try it.  The product is a lot thinner and more difficult to apply because you can’t put too much on your fingertips at the one time.  It doesn’t glide on as easily and I have to go back to the tube about 6 or 7 times.  However, my skin doesn’t get that afternoon grease that the original product gave me so I will stick with this one.  Will probably use the original stuff in winter when my skin’s drier than normal.


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