Hiroba Japanese/Korean in Strathfield

Ahhh I love this place.  I’ve been coming to this place for years and their sashimi has never failed me – I think it’s one of the best in Sydney!.  I went again last night with my family because I was staying at my parents’ place and my parents just got back from a few days in Brisbane.

They were very accommodating for a group of 6 and shuffled tables around for us.

I ordered the Udon and Sashimi set ($15) and then a separate plate of small sashimi ($15).  I also stole my Mum’s bowl of miso which was absolutely delicious.

Miso soup and side sashimi

Udon noodles

Small plate sashimi

I’ve also had the bibimbap which comes in the hot clay bowl which crisps the rice.  Amazing.

The guy who cuts up the sashimi is the loveliest guy!  Always so friendly and smiley.


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