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Crushed by the Commute

I read this article in the SMH yesterday about long commute times to/from work.  In highschool my commute time was about 45 minutes to get to the North Shore.  My first job out of uni was a 1 hour commute time further up the North Shore.  Then I moved to the North Shore and now I am commuting 1.5 hours to go to my job out west (yes I understand the irony of it all).

It definitely does take its toll – I’m waking up at 6.45am (probably not that bad for most people but I am the worst morning person ever) and don’t get home til 6.30pm at the absolute earliest.  Once I get home I have to cook dinner and after eating and cleaning up, it’s suddenly 9pm and I need to be in bed by 11pm to be able to get up at 6.45am the following morning.  I’ve been needing a large coffee before I even step foot onto a train in the mornings, but I’m hungry by the time I get to work.  I have lunch as normal and I’m absolutely starved by the time I get home after work.  I get a sore butt from sitting on a train for 3 hours every day (in addition to sitting at my desk for 9 hours).  If CityRail fails me at any step along the way (quite likely), it pushes my commute time out by 20 or so minutes.  One morning I had a physio appointment at 8am and I didn’t get to work til 11am.  I don’t go to the gym anymore because by the time I get there after work it would be 6.30pm at the earliest, so I wouldn’t get home til 8pm.

Ok enough complaining.  My point is, if it’s affecting me, it’s affecting other people (as evidenced in the newspaper article).  How do people get around this?

I bought myself a colour-screen e-book reader so not only can I read books but I can watch tv shows on the train/bus.  I have a smartphone so I browse the internet/facebook/ebay.  I listen to the radio when I’m not in a tunnel.  I stand up halfway into the trip so my butt doesn’t fall asleep.  What do you do on your commute to work/uni/school to pass time?

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4 thoughts on “Crushed by the Commute

  1. I feel your pain! I used to commute 1.5hr each way each day, but unfortunately it was by car – so I couldn’t entertain myself on the way (unless you call traffic entertaining). This does mean I don’t have many tips for you – but I got to the point where the job wasn’t worth the commute so I looked for another job. A fairly big move – so not suitable for all situations, but I just wanted more time back in my life.

    • Meg I’m beginning to reach my limit with this and assessing what’s important in life. I’m currently on a contract which ends in Feb so I’ll rethink things then!

  2. Me too, I am currently commuting 1.5 hrs one way everyday by 2 buses. it sucks but I’m used to it now. I’m lucky that my bus to work carry the same people every day and I have a colleague that rides the same bus as well so I usually sleep through that 1h bus ride if I’m really sleepy or I just browse around the web using my phone. I’m also currently doing another degree so I try to read my subject notes in bus (rarely happens though)

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