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Bespoke tailoring – Kay’s experience

Like many other people, I got a 3 piece suit tailor made when I was in Thailand a few years ago.

How much did I spend on it?  800 Thai baht.

How many times have I worn it?  Zero.

I don’t know why, maybe because despite it being tailored to my shape and size, I didn’t feel like it was really ‘me’.  I wanted the skirt a bit shorter and tighter and the jacket cinched in at the waist a bit more.  When I requested this of the tailor he joked that I would look like a stripper (cultural clash) and although he did compromise and make the skirt slimmer on the sides, I still thought it looked frumpy (and of course was flying out that night so couldn’t get him to adjust it again).

I’d recently been starting to buy more work shirts (no idea why, another random phase) and struggled to find anything that fit me nicely (12D on a size 6 frame).  I resorted to buying shirts that have a majority of polyester and elastane as the stretch factor is a lot more forgiving.  Then I found Joe Button – you ask a control freak whether they want to control every tiny aspect of something and they will say YES.  And with Joe Button you can choose everything from the fabric of the inside collar to the colour of the thread they use to sew buttons on!

I ordered “The Annie Hall” with a few modifications:

  • Inner collar colour = blue
  • Cuff = french square (for cufflinks)
  • Inner cuff colour = blue
  • Placket = yes
  • Placket inner fabric colour = white
  • Button colour = white
  • Button stitching colour = blue
  • Buttonhole stitching colour = white
  • Yoke = single
  • Darts/pleats = darts
  • Epau loops = none
  • Bottom = tail

I also got my initials engraved on the left cuff in red thread to match the signature red button at the bottom of every Joe Button shirt.  It’s a lovely touch, especially if you’re buying a shirt for someone else!  The girls at Joe Button are uber lovely and were so helpful.

Cufflinks from the 70s from my Mum, watch from Michael Kors.


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