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Chocolate + 100s and 1000s = decorative glass shooters

Yesterday I blogged about the pink dinner party I hosted on Saturday night.  I made these really cute glasses which I used to serve ice cream and raspberries.  I got the original idea from here.

You’ll need some melting chocolate (white, milk or dark doesn’t matter), 100s and 1000s, glasses to decorate, a pot and a bowl that sits on top of the pot.

You bring a small pot of water to the boil and sit a bowl on top of the pot.  Put some chocolate into the bowl and stir while it melts.  It doesn’t take long to melt so be careful not to burn the chocolate.  Once the choc is completely melted, put it aside and let it cool a little.  You want the chocolate to be melted but not too slippery and not too hot.

Place the glasses upside down into the chocolate and rotate clockwise/anti clockwise to coat the rim of the glass in chocolate.

Shake the excess chocolate off. Next you can either dip the chocolate rim into a bowl of 100s and 1000s or what I did since the rim of my glasses were quite wide is to roll the rim into the 100s and 1000s.

I filled them with raspberries and vanilla ice cream and everyone thought they were adorably cute.

Cleaning them is a breeze – run hot water over the rim to get rid of the chocolate and then into the dishwasher as per normal.




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