New Daiso store in Sydney City

The new Daiso store opened in Sydney City (down near Central station) last week so I popped in earlier this week.  Daiso is modelled off the Japanese 100 Yen stores where everything instore costs 100 Yen.  Yes 100 Yen does not equal AUD$2.80 but we all know how inflated products are in Australia compared to almost anywhere overseas.

The new store is located at 727 George St, Haymarket and is really inconspicuous from street level.  The entire store is upstairs so there’s a small sign on street level directing you upstairs.  Once you get to the top of the stairs you know you’ve arrived.

The store is about 60-70% of the size of the Chatswood store but there’s still quite a lot of stock.

I fell in love with their gift wrapping aisle:

Their beauty section is definitely much smaller than Chatswood’s – not as many products and not as much variety.

They have some cheap electronics as well:

And this thing made me giggle because I had just seen the FRIENDS episode where Joey does the ad for Japanese lipstick for men:

I was VERY restrained and only bought 4 things (supposed to be on a shopping ban but I have come to learn it’s pretty pointless now):

L-R: USB cigarette charger to charge my phone while I’m driving, U shaped hair pins, earphones, and a pack of 10 coloured pens (I LOVE coloured pens)


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