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Lazy Saturday – brunch, aldi and ebay

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had nothing planned on a Saturday. I slept in til 10am, rolled out of bed to a freshly brewed soy latte (thanks boyfriend), and started chopping up meat and veggies to put into the slow cooker for dinner. At 11am my boy needed a break from studying so we popped out for some brunch. We accidentally wore matching jeans (damn Nudie unisex jeans) which is annoying because his legs are long and lean and mine are… not long and not as lean 😦

Snuck a pic of the boy in his Nudies.  He’s teamed it with a pair of pale blue Cons and a jumper from Cotton On

I wore my Nudies (Tight Long John in Flat Blue), a purple tee I bought from a random asian clothing store, Gucci bamboo ballet flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Groovee in black leather with gold hardware.  My hair was up in a bun:

We went to People Cafe on Miller St Cammeray.  The inside was decorated nicely, coffee was good, but food was lacking.  They gave me white bread although I asked for brown bread (but I didn’t complain and started eating my breakfast), they realised their mistake and insisted on giving me brown bread so I agreed, then the waitress reached over with her fingers and removed the slice of white bread off my plate…..  The meals looked like something I could make at home and thrown onto an oversized plate.  The flavours didn’t tie in together.  Boy and I ordered the same meal (Big Breakfast) but he got 3 mushrooms while I got 1.5

After brunch we dropped by Aldi to grab a few essentials – soy milk (SO much better than So Good and half the price), laundry detergent (apple flavour mmm), tinned tomato (pantry staple) and a few other things.  We drove under the Long Gully Bridge in Northbridge (one of my fave bridges in Sydney):

When we got home I decided to do a wardrobe cleanup and spent the next 6 hours taking photos, writing listing descriptions and uploading items to ebay.  18 pairs of shoes and 7 items of clothing later…..  Almost time for bed!


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