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New Ladurée store in Westfield Sydney

So I finally got my butt down to Westfield Sydney to check out the first Ladurée store in Australia after all the hype this past week.  I invited my Mum down for an afternoon tea and we were seated within 15 minutes (arrived 12:55pm, seated 1:10pm).  The line for takeaway would have been about 30 – 45 minutes at that time of day, although when we left at 2:30pm the line was horrendous and would have easily taken over 1 hour (why were we there for over an hour just to eat 3 macarons?  I’ll touch on that later…)

There were about 8 tables seating either 2, 3 or 4.  There were 2 waiters who had ZERO urgency to do anything.  While waiting in line I noticed there were 4 unoccupied tables but didn’t understand why they didn’t allow the people in the line to sit down.  After 15 minutes of standing in the queue I realised it was because they hadn’t set the tables and it took 2 men 15 minutes to set 4 tiny tables.  When we were finally seated, they took an age taking our order.


Tea options

Takeaway prices

Macaron flavours

My Dior East West logo bag

The waiter decided to slowwwly clear and set 2 tables before coming over to take our order.  The macarons arrived and they were soggy on the bottom which was quite disappointing.  I didn’t really like the marshmallow macarons (they’ve actually got a marshmallow in between the 2 shells which I wasn’t expecting).  My 2 favourite flavours were salted caramel and strawberry poppy.  The tea was beautiful though, very aromatic but not too overpowering.

L: Orange blossom, Blackcurrant violet, salted caramel
R: Strawberry poppy, lemon lime marshmallow, violet marshmallow

Tea: The Earl grey Fleurs

When I wanted to order takeaway my Mum and I both signalled to a waiter, he nodded and smiled at us and then disappeared for 5 minutes.  When he came back we fluffed around before I had to signal him again and again he smiled and eventually came over 5 minutes later.  I’m not sure what training these people have received but service was appalling.  Even getting the check and getting the waiter to come back with my credit card receipt took an age.  We finally left at 2:46pm and I ran off to check out the Louboutin boutique…

Ladurée box

I’m so excited to EAT YOU

Oh Hi Louboutin 20th Anniversary stand


2 thoughts on “New Ladurée store in Westfield Sydney

  1. I was there on the same day in the morning at around 10.30. It wasn’t as busy so the service was alright, but it took a long time to pay though! The macarons were great – I loved the salted caramel too 🙂 Will def try strawberry poppy next time!

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