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Hypercolour nails!

Do you remember the Hypercolour t-shirts that were all the rage in the 90s?

Now you can have Hypercolour nails!

I was a bit skeptical at first – because mood rings which are supposed to change colour don’t really work.  And I put 2 layers of top coat on which I thought would reduce the effectiveness of heat/cold on my nails but I have been pleasantly surprised.

I tried the BYS colour change nail polish

I applied base coat, 3 layers of this polish, and 2 layers of top coat.

Freshly painted – medium purple

After having a hot shower, my nails turned pink:

Heat makes them pink!

And for fun I thought I would hold the tips of my nails against my takeaway coffee cup for a gradient look.  The photo didn’t capture the gradient very well but you can see a hint of pink at the tips:

Gradient nails


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