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James Morrison, You Give Me Something!

Argh had SO MUCH FUN at the James Morrison concert at the Enmore last night even though I was sick and feel rubbish today.

My sister and I had dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant last night and I would normally order sashimi or sushi but it was so freaking cold I opted for a bento box which had cooked meat and tempura.  Let me tell you it was delicious!

Sakura box

We arrived at the Enmore at 8.30pm as I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing his support act Gin Wigmore.  We caught the end of her set and she was definitely talented, just not really my style.

James Morrison blew my mind.  If possible, he sounds better live than he does on his records.  He”s got a great light-heartedness about him which makes his endearing.  His band were fantastic as were his backup singers.  Oh and he does a great Aussie accent without sounding bogan which seems to be quite hard for anyone who isn’t Aussie.

My favourite performance of the night was ‘In My Dreams’ which he wrote for his Dad who passed and ‘Right By Your Side’ which he wrote for his daughter who’s 3 and the centre of his world which is adorable.

Ahhh it was such a good night even if I didn’t get home til 1am and feel like crap today.

Here are some spectacularly poor photos I took last night on my phone.  You can see colours and general shapes and not much else but trust me, he’s there 🙂


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