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DIY stencils for nails – Sydney Swans 2012 grand final winners!!!

I was bored the other night and decided to try my hand at some stencilling for nails.  Since the Sydney Swans were through to the AFL Grand Final I wanted to show my support my painting Sydney Swans nails.

For those who are unfamiliar with AFL, the Sydney Swans jersey looks like this:

I used the bit in the middle which I assume is meant to represent the sails of the Sydney Opera House but also swans feathers (quite clever actually).

I measured the width of each nail:

And shrunk down the Swans logo to fit onto each nail:

Using these as stencils, I lay them on top of sticky labels and cut the logo out:

The next step was to get my nail polish ready.

Base coat, then white polish:

I then peeled off the thumb sticky label and carefully placed it on my thumb nail:

You have to be careful as there’s a fine line between pushing the label down too hard and not applying enough pressure.  When I pushed the label down, when I peeled it off there was a sticky residue.  When I didn’t apply enough pressure the label would lift and the red polish wasn’t very defined.

After applying red polish, I peeled off the label and voila:

An hour later….

Here is the detail on my thumb:

I’m sure these nails aren’t the sole reason the Swans won the Grand Final but I like to think I contributed somehow.


Sad face

I managed to shave the top of my nail off today when i was peeling veggies


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