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Labour Day – public holiday to run errands

I keep a To-Do list and things that I can push out, I seem to be continually pushing out.

Yesterday was Labour Day and therefore a public holiday in a few Australian states.  I actually had nothing planned except to get through my To-Do list.  Here it is for all of you playing at home:

  1. Wash winter jackets and pack them away
    Part of the joys of apartment living include not enough space to house your clothes and shoes (especially when both you and your partner can’t stop shopping).  I have devised a method of hanging only the current season’s clothes and packing the opposite season in a large suitcase that sits in the top of the built-in wardrobe.  I wanted to wash my winter jackets so I can pack them away in the suitcase and bring out my summer clothes.
  2. Get rid of extra shoeboxes
    I offloaded a whole heap of shoes on eBay recently and after sending the shoes, I was left with 20 empty shoeboxes.  I saved 1 or 2 that are quite sturdy and solid for storing random bits and pieces and popped the rest of them into recycling.
  3. Tidy dining table
    So I come home every day and dump everything (my bag, coat, whatever I’m holding in my hand at the time) on the dining table so periodically (hopefully before my boyfriend yells at me) I clear it
  4. Clean bathroom sink
    The water hadn’t been draining very well so I bought drain cleaner gel and used a toothbrush to get rid of all the gunk
  5. Blue Mountains research
    Tom and I are heading to Leura this weekend and shock horror it’s 5 days before we leave and I haven’t even done a rough itinerary.  Doing an itinerary and a packing list is imperative to minimising stress later this week
  6. Go through clothes pile
    I have this pile of clothes that grows exponentially and is another pet hate of my boyfriend’s.  I don’t believe in washing clothes after every single wear, especially in winter and given I barely sweat.  So after the first wear I’ll drop an item of clothing in my clothes pile.  Problem with this approach is I’m constantly getting ‘new’ clothes from the wardrobe instead of checking the clothes pile first…..  So periodically I clear out my clothes pile and find (like I did yesterday) 5 sleep shirts….  Pretty sure I only need 1 when I sleep…
  7. Read ‘Desert Flower’ by Waris Dirie
    I’ve had this book on my To-Read list since Year 10 when my best friend told me about it.  I love reading books which are almost autobiographies of people who have endured something and come out of it and reported their story.  I don’t know what it is about these types of stories that attract me, I guess I just love reading about the strength of humanity and also about the lives of people I wouldn’t normally meet (being a young female living in a first-world country).  This book is about a young African girl who was forced into an arranged marriage and female circumcision and is now a model.

I also managed to fit a nap in there somewhere because I didn’t fall asleep til 3am on Sunday night due to nonstop coughing.

Yesterday was the last public holiday for the year apart from Christmas.  What did you do?


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