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My ‘accidental’ Louboutin purchase

I swear it was completely accidental.  I didn’t realise that on eBay when there is a listing that is ‘Buy It Now or Best Offer’, if you make an offer it CAN get automatically accepted.  I submitted an ‘offer’ and clicked ‘Submit’ and the next thing I know, my computer was telling me “Congratulations you have purchased this item”.  WHAT!

Breaking the news to my boyfriend was difficult since he had placed me on a Louboutin shopping ban (yes 4 pairs in 4 weeks IS excessive I will admit).

Anyway, I’d tried these on at the Sydney Louboutin boutique and they fit my fat wide feet nicely.  I got my true to size (TTS) because of my wide feet and the fact these are patent.  I absolutely LOVE the colour.

They are Bianca 140s in Purple Patent.


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