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DIY – photo wall in apartment living

I’ve been looking for a good photo wall solution for a while but due to renting, cannot hammer nails into the wall.  And whilst I like the idea of using photo frames, what happens when you want to expand your photo wall and go back to Store X to get the same frames and they no longer stock them?  I’m far too OCD to use *shock horror* non-matching photo frames.  Would I have to stock up on extra frames now in case Store X sells out?  How many do I buy?  What if it’s not enough?  What if it’s too many?

First world problems, I know.  I decided to ditch the frame solution.  I wanted to do more than just printing photos and blu-tacking to the wall (something about that is very highschool to me).  Then I came across these super-cute clips in Kikki K and had a light bulb moment.

This is what you will need:

Clips, fishing line, scissors, removable hooks

Most clips will do, even paper clips, but pegs won’t.  As I mentioned I got these from Kikki K but I saw some adorable ones in Typo the other day – blue cupcakes.  They also have red hearts and I’m pretty sure I saw aeroplanes:

Stick the hooks on the wall in line with each other and run the fishing line between the two hooks.  Depending on the thickness of the fishing line you could run it from left to right and then back from right to left to make it ‘stronger’ so it doesn’t sag like mine did (although I personally don’t mind the sag but if it annoys me in future I can do the double line trick).

Then it’s as simple as attaching the photos to the fishing line with the clip.  Super super easy.

I attached photos to the bottom of other photos if they were taken in the same city but again I can easily change this if I don’t like it.

The reason why I like this method is its flexibility and the ease with which I can change something if I don’t like it.  I even changed it a few times before getting it to this state and it only took me about 10 mins from start to finish.

The photos hang in the stairway of the apartment so it’s one of the first things people see when they walk in.  I wanted to display photos I’ve taken on overseas trips as I seem to travel internationally every year.  I’ve still got a dozen photos that I haven’t worked out how to display.  Should I run another line underneath that one?  Should I do it elsewhere in the apartment?

If anyone’s interested, the photos from left to right – kids playing in the ocean in Vanuatu, Angkor Wat temple at sunrise in Cambodia, floating city along the Mekong River in Vietnam, relaxing on Nanuya Island Fiji, the stunning Tower Bridge in London, Brighton Beach, and the London Eye, canal in Amsterdam, Glockenspiel in Munich, paragliding in Austria, canals in Venice, Swiss Alps, Eiffel Tower at night.  The photos I have sitting in a pile are from more of Europe, the whole of the US including Hawaii, Malaysia and Singapore.

In others news I took advantage of this beautiful 31oc weather and sat outside on the grass for lunch today enjoying my new book.

And being the scatterbrain that I am, left my phone on the grass where I was sitting.  Ran back out there – gone.  Thanks to the lovely American guy who saw me looking for it and handed my phone back to me.


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