Monday I’ve got FRIDAY on my mind

Argh I love Friday so much!  Mostly because of casual Fridays but also because everyone is so relaxed and it’s a great atmosphere.

Since it’s uber hot today in Sydney I’m wear my Country Road seamfree white tank, Paprika (from Asos) pink tube skirt, and a pair of Nine West gold sandals I picked up from the Waikele Outlets in Hawaii.

I also went to the Medical Centre to pick up some general checkup results.  The waiting room was quite pleasant with Alice in Wonderland on the tv, but I took advantage of the spare time and read my book.

Apparently I don’t have any allergies whatsoever but I am severely Vitamin D deficient. The Doc recommended 30 mins in the sun every day. Not that I need an excuse to sit in the sun and tan but I’m actually very surprised at that result.

For lunch I sat on the grass in Darling Harbour and listened to a jazz band play. Great lunch!

How cute is the little kid bopping along in his diaper?

Headed to the Blue Mountains tonight for a romantic weekend with Tom.  What have you got planned for this weekend?


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