About moi

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m full of contradictions:

  • I’m an incessant planner and list-maker but I’m messy (I leave my clothes strewn all over the apartment)
  • I love baking but I don’t eat sweets (I’ll have one cupcake in a batch of 50 and only because I feel I need to enjoy it after 4 hours of baking)
  • I’m quite creative with colour and design but I work in IT (infrastructure service management, not anything fun and creative like web design)
  • I’ve got a collection of 100 pairs of heels but I live in the same 2 pairs of flats (comfort first!)
  • I’m a massive foodie now but up until 2 years ago I couldn’t even heat up a frozen meat pie in the microwave (yes I put it in there for too long, and yes it came out rock hard, and yes it went straight in the bin)

In terms of my ‘vital stats’ – I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Papua New Guinea, and have lived in Sydney, Australia half my life.  I work in IT (which I have a Bachelors degree in) in the Finance industry (which I have a Graduate Diploma in).  I love baking and cooking in general.  I love doing crafts, I love interior design (or anything design-y), and I love colour.  I hate cleaning, eating unhealthy food (contradicts the baking I know!), and should exercise way more than I do.  I have a boyfriend, 3 younger sisters, 2 parents, and 2 dogs.


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